Key Dates

Thursday, May 4             6:00 pm    League Center     Provisional Orientation

Friday, May 5                 12:00 pm    League Center     Provisional Orientation

Wednesday, May 10        7:00 pm    League Center     Provisional Orientation

Each new member is required to attend one session so that information can be disseminated and questions can be answered.

Tuesday, May 16              6:00 pm     Wichita Falls Country Club       JLWF Annual Dinner

Friday, June 30                All applications and provisional fees are due

The Provisional course will follow a 1-year schedule, initiating in May 2017 and concluding in May 2018, as members who have completed the provisional course will attain Active membership status.

If you have any questions about the application or our Provisional class requirements, please contact our 2017-2018 Provisional Chairs:

Kim Childs (940) 636-3030

Jaclyn Johnson (940) 867-3102