Benefits of Membership

The Junior League of Wichita Falls is a strong, committed group of women volunteers making an impact on our community.  Through membership in the JLWF, women enjoy:

Training for effective community leadership

  • Training occurs in the areas of advocacy, community research, event planning, fundraising, finance, grant writing, leadership, public relations and overall personal development.
  • A large number of our members go on to volunteer on community boards and lead other non-profit organizations with the valuable skills learned from their training in the JLWF.

Working, hands-on, with other women, to improve the community

  • If you want to do something with your valuable time in the Wichita Falls community, the JLWF can help you to achieve your personal volunteer goals.
  • Each year we establish a detailed community plan.  To see how our volunteer work impacts the quality of life in Wichita Falls and the surrounding areas, please visit the Community Impact section of our website.

Accessing community leaders and obtaining insight into community needs and strategies for solutions

  • You will have a front-row seat into a community needs assessment through our annual research and development process and community plan development.
  • Collaborations with civic and business leadership throughout the city also occurs through various partnerships carried forward through projects, fundraisers, and advisory board cooperation.

Making lifelong friendships with like-minded women

  • JLWF members are a dedicated and hard-working community of women.  We are attorneys, nurses, accountants, event planners, marketing executives, stay at home moms, caregivers, etc. from a wide variety of backgrounds.  But, we all have a passion for volunteering which binds the members of our organization together.
  • As a member you will meet many interesting, talented, and intelligent women committed to making a difference in our community.  You will also have the opportunity to develop relationships with numerous individuals with varied skill sets and interests.
  • In addition to the enjoyment of volunteering, we are a very social crew and have fun, too!

Belonging to an international organization of passionate volunteers

  • The JLWF is part of something even bigger!  We are a member of The Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (AJLI), an organization of over 160,000 members with 292 Leagues located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.  Because we are a membership organization affiliated with AJLI, any member in good standing has the benefit of being able to transfer her membership.