Community Impact

The Junior League of Wichita Falls (JLWF) is a group of active volunteers who are working together to build a better community. We do this in many ways. Some of the many ways we do this are listed below. Please explore by clicking the links in the left-side navigation. And, as always, we openly welcome your involvement and assistance!

Community Assistance Fund

Funding for special needs or projects.

Opportunity Knocks

Financial assistance or volunteer hours for other non-profit organizations.

Pink Pantry 

Initiative designed to provide much-needed menstrual supplies to female students in WFISD.

International Friendship

Promotes lasting friendships between the German contingent of the Euro Nato Joint Jet Pilot Training at Sheppard Air Force Base and the Wichita Falls community.

Partners In Education/PowerPak 4 Kids

The League will partner with the Wichita Falls Independent School District to enhance students learning through program and project development and implement for an adoptive school.

Christmas Magic

The annual League-organized market.

Food Fight

A one-day event where the Wichita Falls Junior League along with the other Junior League locations compete to see who can raise the most food for their respective food bank through a Food Bank Challenge.

Headquarters Fundraiser

Each year the Junior League of Wichita Falls holds a Headquarters Fundraiser to support our facility and upkeep.  This allows all monies raised from Christmas Magic to go directly back to the community.